ABQ RAW’s Homicide Count for 2022


April 21, 2022, 6:49 pm
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Posted 04/21/2022 1:15PM

Bloody clothes are left behind at a homicide scene where 2 victims were shot and killed.

Albuquerque –

As of 4/21/2022 , Albuquerque has 42 homicides for the year 2022. Here is a break down of stats we have collected. We have obtained these records through records requests, on scene confirmation, department confirmation, and other sources.

Homicide Investigations by Agency

APD: 36


Total: 42

Cause of Death

Shooting: 30

Stabbing: 2

In Police Custody: 1

Fire: 1

Strangulation: 1

Undetermined: 7

Deemed Justified by Agency

APD: 4 (3 have been police shootings and 1 was a citizen defending himself)

BCSO: 2 (1 was a deputy involved shooting and another was a citizen defending themselves)

Suspicious Deaths and Critical Condition

Suspicious Deaths: 5

Critical Condition with no update: 7

Cases Solved on 2022 Cases

APD: 14


Map Break Down of ABQ RAW’s Homicide Count for 2022


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