Accused Teen Felon Avoids Auto Theft Charge Due to Stick Shift


February 8, 2023, 6:47 pm

ABQ RAW staff

Posted 2/8/2023 @ 11:00AM

Albuquerque –

After a few weeks of committing aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Andres Martinez, 18, of Albuquerque, was captured by APD. Andres Martinez is the criminal who was wearing the red Cookies apparel that looked like pajama attire. He was also shown reaching for his waistband with a firearm on his person.

According to the criminal complaint, Martinez physically assaulted the owner of the BMW and told him “I am gonna jack your car.” The victims of the attempted carjacking began to take photos of Martinez and during the event, Martinez also pistol whipped the victim. The victim saw Martinez get inside the BMW, but when Martinez saw the stick shift transmission, Martinez fled from the victim’s car, Martinez returned to his own vehicle and Martinez fled the scene.

A school resource officer who knew Martinez from his middle and high school days identified him to APD and the warrant was issued. He was booked into Metropolitan Detention Center on 2/7/2023. He will have a pre-trial detention hearing and he has no previous violent crime convictions.


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