AFR Battles Three Separate Blazes in 7 Hours


April 19, 2024, 8:36 pm , , ,

On April 18, 2024, at around 5:49 PM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue received a call to respond to 5336 Veronica Dr. NE for a 69D6S, indicating a single-family residential structure fire. The AFR Public Information Officer (PIO), Lt. Jason Fejer, was the first to arrive and observed smoke emerging from the eaves of the one-story building. Firefighters brought the blaze under control within seven minutes, containing the damage to a front bedroom and the attic.

No injuries were reported among civilians or firefighters. AFR Fire Investigators responded to determine the cause, which remains under investigation. No further details are available at present time.

Second Fire Located at 1123 Mary Ellen St NE

Later that day, at approximately 7:12 PM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue was dispatched to 1123 Mary Ellen St NE, responding to reports of a potential fire in a multistory, multifamily apartment complex. Engine 11 (E11) arrived to find smoke and flames on the second floor, with reports of an infant trapped inside. Despite urgent conditions, no victims were found during the search. AFR extinguished the fire within nine minutes, and the damage primarily remained confined to the original apartment.

While five occupants faced displacement, complex management organized alternative accommodations. According to AFR, there were no reported injuries. AFR Fire Investigators were called to determine the cause, which is listed as undetermined, but likely accidental. No further information is available.

Third Fire Located at 208 Wellesley Dr SE

On April 19, 2024, around 12:52 AM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue responded to 208 Wellesley Dr SE for what initially seemed to be an outdoor fire but was upgraded to a residential structure fire. Engine 3 arrived to find heavy fire on the second floor of the two-story, single-family home, which also had a basement. The property, abandoned and boarded up, showed signs of unauthorized entry. The fire was controlled within ten minutes, with damage confined to the second floor.

AFR reported that there were no injuries to firefighters or civilians. Authorities determined that an unhoused individual accidentally caused the fire. CABQ Code Enforcement took over the property for securing. No further information is available at this time.


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