AFR is Working to Extinguish a Second Fire in Two Days Near UNM


November 26, 2022, 3:40 am

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 11/25/2022 @8:40PM

UPDATED: 11/26/2022 @9:15AM

Photo of AFR Firefighters Extinguishing a Fire at 1801 Mesa Vista NE from Nov 7 (Photo Credit: AFR FB)

AFR is once again on the scene of a fire at 1801 Mesa Vista NE. The fire dispatch call came in at 7:40pm. This fire was reportedly a 1 Alarm Fire, but as of 9:00pm, AFR was able to contain the blaze. All remaining AFR units were able to clear the fire scene by 10:38PM, which was almost 3 hours after the initial call out.

This is the second time that AFR has responded to a fire at this location in the last two days. AFR responded to another fire here on November 23rd, just before 5pm. This is the third time that AFR has battled a blaze at this property since it originally caught fire on November 7th.

On November 8th, ABQ RAW was the first to run a story about the high number of fire calls that are occurring in the Albuquerque metro area. Since June, there have been at least four fires in abandoned buildings off of Mesa Vista NE.

PulsePoint AFR Dispatch Logs for the three November fires at 1801 Mesa Vista Rd NE. These screenshots are in order by date. The dispatch call that was received at 5:15pm, that took place on 11/07/2022. The call that was occurred at 4:45pm, that happened on 11/23/2022. The dispatch call that happened at 7:40pm, that occurred on 11/25/2022. PulsePoint logs are removed/cleared from the PulsePoint app after the responding agency (AFR) closes a set amount of calls, usually 100 calls, so the “received time” is simply when the screen shot was taken. Unfortunately, the PulsePoint app does not display the actual date and time of when a call was received nor does it show the date and time of when a call was cleared.


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