AFR Response Times Show NEW Details about SWAT Call Where Teen Died


July 28, 2022, 10:44 pm

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 7/28/2022 @ 4:45PM

Aftermath of house fire that claimed the life of a teen

Albuquerque –

On July 7th, 2022, the Albuquerque Police Department was trying to apprehend Quiant Kelley on a federal felony warrant. Police say Kelley and a teenage boy were about to be detained when they ran into a home at 8109 San Joaquin Ave SE. APD initiated a SWAT call for barricaded subjects.

ABQ RAW did a public records request for the Albuquerque Fire Rescue computer aided dispatch logs. What we learned is that at 2:41AM, the Albuquerque Police Department requested Albuquerque Fire and Rescue to standby for something possibly burning on the roof of the target home.

At 3:12AM, Albuquerque Fire and Rescue began to attack the fire in a defensive fire fighting position. The call logs noted heavy smoke and flames. At 3:23AM, the scene is then deemed secure and firefighters were finally able to enter the residence. At 3:37AM, the fire was under control and fire fighters began to do additional clearing of the structure.

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The CAD logs report finding a deceased dog inside the home. Due to redactions citing HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) it is unclear when they found Brett Rosenau, he is the 15-year-old who died during the SWAT and fire situation at the house. Preliminary results of Brett Rosenau’s autopsy identify his cause of death as smoke inhalation.

Screenshot from the CAD of the AFR response.

At 4:00AM the fire was completely under control. The AFR Fire Investigations Division is currently still investigating the cause of the fire. A separate investigation is underway with the multi-agency task force to see if APD’s SWAT team acted properly during the incident.


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