Albuquerque Man Sucker Punches Man in Facebook Live Video

Albuquerque –

On Saturday April 29th, 2024, a Facebook page listed by the name Armando Gandara III posted a Facebook Live video. The video was 30 seconds in length of a man walking on an asphalt trail. It appears Gandara III sees a man on the side of the trail and the man asks if he was the one calling for him.

Armando Gandara III listens to music on his headphones prior to sucker punching a man.

Gandara III listens for a few seconds to the man trying to talk to him and then sucker punches the man. The man stumbles back and Gandara repeatedly shouts, “Fuck you!” and then he just runs away from the scene. The video was up for a few hours before it got deleted by Facebook or Gandara III himself removed it.


The battery appeared to happen in the South Valley and we reached out to Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department to see if they were able to locate a victim.

“We did receive a call for service similar to the description provided. Deputies thoroughly searched the area, but were unable to locate a victim. Since the alleged victim was not found, a summons could not be issued at this time,” said spokesman Deputy Connor Otero.

If the male victim does come forward Gandara III could face criminal charges. A court record search indicates Gandara III has a restraining order from another individual in another incident that shows proof of him making violent threats.


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    1. You know how the “reputable” news sites are covered with misleading ads like “Eating THIS before bed will cure tinnitus!” and there’s a picture of an elderly man’s ear or something. Click bait is what it is, and it’s garbage. It preys upon the desperate. Well, the “reputable” news companies you so dearly admire, they receive money from that advertising agency to plaster their snake-oil bullshit all over their website and trick their readership into signing up for nonsense. ABQraw takes a different approach, similar to The Guardian, and generates income by allowing access to behind-the-scenes video and criminal complaints for those who donate via Patreon. For example, I donate $5 per month and have access to all of the gory content they reserve for the high rollers. Also, it is one more barrier between impressionable kids running across the ugliness of our city and thinking they should imitate such brutality. I hope this answers your question.

  1. Mr. Gandara is not a hard man to find. He does, indeed, live in the south valley. You can even send him a “friend” request via Facebook, as his profile is still up.

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