Alleged Suicide Attempt Happens at MDC with Gun


April 9, 2024, 4:21 pm , , , , ,

Around 3pm this afternoon, the Metropolitan Detention Center went into lock down. There was an individual on the site with a gun. At least one shot was fired and it was thought to be an active shooter situation.

Law enforcement arrived and found a person who attempted suicide.

MDC officials tell us a man shot and injured himself outside the Metropolitan Detention Center this afternoon and has been transported to UNM Hospital.

No one else was injured or involved in the incident. The Sheriff’s Office has secured the grounds and is investigating the shooting. 

There is no threat to the public, staff or inmates at this time.

A witness told us it was a former employee was the person who tried to commit suicide.

A line of vehicles were being stopped at the entrance as the investigation was underway. The majority of people were jail employees going into to start their shifts.

We will update the story when we learn more.


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