APD Announces Key Arrest from Chief Medina Crash


May 15, 2024, 2:02 pm , , ,

Albuquerque – APD civilian PIO Gilbert Gallegos announced earlier today that they have made an arrest stemming from the Chief Medina crash. The crash at the time critically injured an ABQ citizen while he was out cruising Central/Route 66 in his classic Mustang back in February of 2024. Chief Medina had said at the time he was fleeing gunfire when he slammed into Todd Perchert who was traveling east on Central at the time.

The mysterious shooter has been identified as 50-year-old Michael Scott Mountjoy of Albuquerque. Mountjoy has been on the run for months and had even tried to disguise his personal appearance and modify his vehicle with spray paint. The suspect had even removed key vehicle parts that were identifiable from screen shots and videos revealed at the time of the crash. A tip from a concerned citizen tipped off police and they were able to apprehend him last night while he was on foot. Mountjoy has apparently acquired a case of incarceritis since his arrest because as of the time of posting he has not been booked into MDC. It was reported that Mountjoy is being guarded at a local hospital for an unknown case of jail sickness.


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