APD Apprehends 11-Year-Old After String of Violent Crimes

Handcuffs used arrest Unabomber Theodore

The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) arrested an 11-year-old boy late Thursday in connection with a series of crimes that spanned over a month, including two shootings.

Authorities accuse the juvenile suspect of participating in several incidents, including:

  • Vehicle Theft and Damage: Albuquerque Police Department (APD) recovered a Kia Forte stolen in northeast Albuquerque on May 5th.
  • Rock Throwing and Battery: On May 12th, two separate incidents involved juveniles throwing rocks at homes, which injured one resident. Police identified the suspects as members of a group known as the “Kia Boys.”
  • Commercial Burglary: A stolen Kia rammed into a business on Indian School Rd. NE, causing significant damage and theft on May 17th.
  • Shooting: On May 29th, four juveniles in a blue Kia shot at a man on Cordova Avenue. Reportedly, APD recovered a bullet casing from the man’s residence.
  • Another Shooting: On June 1st, a separate shooting incident occurred on General Chennault, which resulted in a male victim sustaining a hand injury. APD recovered 9mm handgun at this scene.

Through witness statements, surveillance footage, and victim reports, APD detectives identified the suspect and obtained an arrest warrant.

“We’re thankful the suspect was apprehended without force,” stated Chief Harold Medina. “Despite his age, the suspect’s use of firearms and escalating violence pose a serious threat.”

Chief Medina highlighted challenges in finding appropriate juvenile detention. Additionally, he also urged the legislature to address the growing issue of youth gun violence and car thefts, possibly fueled by social media.

The apprehended juvenile faces charges including aggravated assault, shooting at an occupied dwelling, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, aggravated battery, and several other related offenses.


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7 thoughts on “APD Apprehends 11-Year-Old After String of Violent Crimes”
  1. Wonderful child probably learned that from his parents. Where did he get a gun? O probably from his parents. All kidding aside I’m probably right. We have several generations that don’t have respect for themselves let alone teach that to their children.

  2. This kid is a menace and hangs out typically with 1-3 others. They have been terrorizing neighborhoods for months and many citizens have their pictures and regularly alert police. Now they need to jail the other three, penalize and fine the hell out of the parents. This kid’s future is jail or death if something drastic doesn’t change. Such a waste. And the violence has escalated because there are no consequences. He’s in jail now and will be out soon. But he’s not an innocent 11 year old kid. Absolute menace.

    1. Let’s consider this. If my big dog was running around town knocking over trash cans and biting people I would be in big trouble and held responsible by my fellow citizens. But if I produced a child and he/she is rolling around town committing serious crimes I am never held responsible by the community. It’s crazy how dysfunctional our society has become.

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