APD Apprehends Third Individual for Murder after Auto Burglary Incident

Detectives from the Albuquerque Police Department apprehended the third individual accused of participating in the vicious killing of a woman. The three suspects purportedly caught the woman burglarizing their car. David Haro, aged 48, was charged by homicide detectives for the incident that occurred on March 15, wherein a woman was brutally assaulted, stabbed multiple times, and subsequently run over twice by a vehicle.

APD detectives traced Haro to the Union 505 Apartments, situated at 801 Locust Pl. N.E. It is unknown if anyone was assisting in hiding Haro, but APD announced on March 28, 2024, that they were searching for Haro in connection with this murder.

On March 15, 2024, detectives apprehended Joshua Dominguez, aged 23, and Destiny Marquez, aged 21, in connection with the murder that occurred earlier that day at 1921 Broadway Blvd. N.E. Marquez happens to be Haro’s daughter.

According to Marquez’s statement to the detectives, she and her fiancé, Dominguez, were watching a movie inside their apartment at 310 Indian School Rd. N.E., in close proximity to I-40, when they heard an alarm from their vehicle. Upon investigation, they observed a woman allegedly removing items from Dominguez’s car.

After hearing the alarm from their vehicle, Marquez and Dominguez confronted the woman. She vehemently denied any theft, prompting a confrontation during which Haro also joined in the pursuit.

Initially, Marquez asserted that the woman had attacked Dominguez and stabbed him. However, surveillance footage obtained by detectives depicted a different scenario involving a light-colored Honda CRV pulling up beside the woman. One individual swiftly approached her from behind, pushing her down and engaging in physical altercation. Meanwhile, another emerged from the vehicle to join the assault. The altercation escalated, with someone stabbing and kicking the woman. Subsequently, the CRV ran her over at least twice, in addition to inflicting multiple stab wounds.

Thereafter, the assailants fled the scene in the CRV, heading east on Indian School. Detectives later discovered the vehicle parked on the east side of an apartment complex at 310 Indian School Rd. NE, with traces of fresh blood on the driver’s side bumper.

Observing Marquez and Dominguez transferring items from the CRV to another vehicle, detectives detained them and impounded both vehicles pending search warrants.

Haro, Marquez, and Dominguez face charges including murder, conspiracy, and tampering with evidence. Authorities booked Haro into MDC at 1:45 AM on April 1, 2024. APD has not publicly released the identity of the woman killed.

This was the 22nd homicide in the Albuquerque Metro area for 2024.

PATREON MEMBERS can read the criminal complaint for the 3/15/24 homicide here.


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