APD Officer Involved Shooting at Walmart Parking Lot on Menaul and Wyoming


April 11, 2024, 12:15 pm , , , , , ,

There has been an officer-involved shooting involving the Albuquerque Police Department in the parking lot of the Walmart at 2266 Wyoming Blvd NE, located at Menaul and Wyoming.

According to a witness on scene, the suspect is dead. All APD officers involved are okay.

The Multi-Agency Task Force detectives will initiate an investigation.

This is an active and developing situation, we will update you as we learn more. We have a reporter headed to the scene.


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8 thoughts on “APD Officer Involved Shooting at Walmart Parking Lot on Menaul and Wyoming”
  1. One less criminal piece of shit roaming the city! Keep em coming! The easier criminals make it to get rid of them, the better. They just saved us the expense of housing the rotten shitbag!

    1. You people need to pray to god that was someones child what are you teaching the future children that it is ok to hate it is because of people like you and the socicital judgments you cast and teach that people turn to these things instead of spreading onomisity and hatetred you should be trying to keep yals word and either help find better solutions. Children are being trafficked and raped and sold and nothing is done about it and those people continue to walk the streets and yet guns and bullets are klling those trying to survive life due to the trafficking and rape from childhood one big catch 22. Bless that persons family i will pray for them during this loss to sociteys ill judgement and hatred. Yal keep this up and the world will be in strife for sure . as in the famous song from the Black eyed Peas wheres the love

      1. I did pray. My wife was there at Walmart yesterday when this happened. She walked in a few seconds befor the shooting started. I thanked God that she wasn’t hit by a stray bullet as this loser popped off shots in the parking lot.

      2. I tell ya, sugartits, I was laughing my ass off at your ridiculous and naive little post… until you quoted the Black Eyed Peas. SUDDENLY MY EYES ARE OPENED!!!!
        Seriously, though, it’s perfectly okay to hate criminal vermin. Teach your kids they are under no obligation to tolerate such filth, and how to do what is necessary to remove it from society, and I’ll bet they never need to worry about getting kidnapped or raped.

      3. Bleeding hearts like you are the reason we have the problems we do. If parents gave enough of a shit to discipline their little demons, people wouldn’t act like this. No one wants to confront that this is the fault of rotten ghetto culture blacks and browns engage in and non existent parenting. I’m glad they’re dead, there’s thousands more in Albuquerque that need to follow.

  2. Giving up a weapon to a Criminal is wrong, no matter what the excuses are. A loaded weapon not Secured, is the same as giving a weapon away. The Officer was negligent, yet with all the hype about the Criminal being able squeeze the trigger repeatedly, while doing it, endangering the Public, he was Taking it from an Officer, and that may be ignored. Scary times for all of us.

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