APD Provides UPDATE for Alleged Home Invasion Killer


October 2, 2023, 2:39 am

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 10/01/2023 @ 8:30PM

Elias Garcia, 67, right, of Albuquerque

Albuquerque – APD has provided an update to a story we reported about earlier today. We had reported that there was an apparent home invasion where the homeowner shot and killed a female intruder.

Elias Garcia, 67, right, of Albuquerque enters the back of an APD police unit without handcuffs. It was assumed he shot in self defense. The DA and APD worked on voluntary manslaughter charges after this photo was taken.

APD and the criminal complaint has provided new details that go on to say: Homicide detectives worked with the District Attorney’s Office and charged 67-year-old Elias Garcia with voluntary manslaughter in connection to today’s fatal shooting.

Garcia initially called 911 to report that he shot an intruder at his home, located at 407 Wesmeco Dr., S.E. Garcia told responding officers that he was in his bedroom watching TV when he discovered a woman was in his home. He said the woman had cut his screen door to make entry into his home. Garcia told officers that he retrieved his firearm and pulled the female subject to the front room of the house. Garcia stated that he told the female, “If you move then I am going to shoot you.”

Garcia said he went to the kitchen to retrieve his phone to call 911, and the woman stood up and attempted to run out of the door saying, “I’m not gonna let you call the cops on me.” Garcia said he then grabbed the woman by the back of her shirt and the gun went off. Garcia further clarified that he grabbed the woman and she yanked him out the door and the gun went off.

According to the criminal complaint, the female was leaning forward when she got shot one time. She had an entrance wound to her lower back and an exit wound on her chest. The criminal complaint did not indicate the caliber of the gun.

Garcia declined to speak to homicide detectives and exercised his right to consult with an attorney.

Garcia is being booked into the Metro Detention Center on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.


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