APD SWAT Situation at Broadway and Coal – Offender Taken into Custody at 11:40AM


December 6, 2022, 5:16 pm

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 12/6/2022 @ 10:15AM

UPDATED: 12/6/2022 @ 10:30AM (see last paragraph)

UPDATE 2: 12/6/2022 @ 11:12AM (added second SWAT scene photo and update)

UPDATE 3: 12/6/2022 @ 11:40AM (offender taken into custody)

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO SWAT situation for a barricaded wanted man on Broadway SE

APD Bearcat at SWAT Scene at the 400 Block of Broadway Blvd SE on 12/06/2022

APD SWAT Officers on Scene at the 400 Block of Broadway Blvd SE on 12/06/2022

The Albuquerque Police Department and its SWAT team are currently staged at Broadway Blvd SE and Coal Ave SE in reference to a suspect that is reportedly starting fires.

According to APD’s PIO, Gilbert Gallegos, shortly before 6AM, Valley officers tried to take an individual into custody, but they were unable to do so. As a result, APD’s SWAT Unit was called to the 400 Block of Broadway Blvd SE where the SWAT team is trying to detain this individual. Presently, the individual is refusing to leave a residence and additional SWAT resources are being called in to assist.

This is a very active and ongoing situation. People are advised to avoid the area due to the police presence. We will update you with more information once it is available.

UPDATE 1: APD brought its Bearcat to the scene at approximately 10:30AM and APD’s SWAT team is now the primary unit on the scene.

A flash bang leaves a smoke trail after detonating outside the residence.

UPDATE 2: Around 11AM, audible announcements were being made to the holed up individual. It sounded to us like APD was using a family member or friend to call out to the individual in an attempt to encourage the individual to surrender. Around 11:15AM, a loud bang could be heard from the SWAT scene, likely it was a flash bang being thrown. At 11:25AM, at least one SWAT team member was seen donning a gas mask.

The suspect is taking into custody by APD field officers.

UPDATE 3: Around 11:40AM, the offender was arrested and taken into custody by APD’s SWAT team. Please stick with ABQ RAW for more coverage, including video and photos, when we are able to post it.

Google Maps of SWAT Scene


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