Atrisco Heritage Academy Principal Replaced After Prom Drag Queen Controversy


April 25, 2024, 3:20 pm , , , ,

Albuquerque –

The Albuquerque Public School District has replaced Atrisco Heritage Academy Principal Irene Cisneros with interim principal Anthony Lovato.

This comes after the controversy at the Atrisco Heritage Academy 2024 Prom featuring a drag queen at the event. It caused many parents to be outraged that this was even allowed at the event.

We obtained an e-mail sent to parents that said Cisneros is no longer the principal:

“We cannot comment on any specific personnel matters. We can, however, confirm that employees have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation,” said APS spokesman Martin Salazar.

He did confirm the authenticity of the e-mail that was sent to parents.

“I think it’s time for school to to have a new principal. I think she’s a little over her head with everything there, with all the students and all that,” said Valentin Trujillio, a parent of a AHA student.

We will update this story when we get more information.


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30 thoughts on “Atrisco Heritage Academy Principal Replaced After Prom Drag Queen Controversy”
      1. Karen! What a karen! I am one of those parents and this is ridiculous getting out of hand for this! I wish half these dam parents at this school gave a shit about their kids well being and grades and assignments!! Then we would be showing something at this school but no the parents show up when this happens!??! Get out of here

    1. Thank you for speaking up!!! Bravo
      Everyone needs to be more educated and ACCEPTING.
      YES! I am a parent, Grandparent, and Great Grandparent.


      1. Civilized people exterminate vermin to preserve civilization. We are not obligated to “accept” infestation or let it dance in our schools.

          1. Civilized people do not kill vermin out of fear, Maxie. It’s because we recognize its harmful effects to civilization, as demonstrated repeatedly throughout history.
            But yeah, I’m sure that China is absolutely terrified of all our crossdressers, pedos and trannies.

          2. Ok Adolph! Kill all the “Vermin”- Fyi Nazis and Hitler were the bad guys+ oh and fu%k your cult leader Trumputo

          3. Civilized, Better examples of the species accept good ideas from all sides, kiddo. We know who to keep around and what needs to… “go.”

    2. Agreed, implying that a drag queen is inherently ‘inappropriate’ is implying that being womanly in any way is apparently ‘inappropriate’. It’s just someone dressing as a specific gender flamboyantly. Nobody would care at ALL if it was someone female dressing up as a machismo man with a mustache or something. This country is so up its own ass sometimes.

  1. This was truly tasteless and was not an entertainment that would appeal to the majority. I am shocked so many adults knew and not one of them anticipated this disaster.

  2. Funny to see how many people are against this. It was a performance it’s not like an actual crime was committed, my daughter said she didn’t have an issue with it but it was a surprise and it was just shocking and unexpected. We talk about grooming kids at a young age when it has to do with something outside the “norm” but we’re okay showing sex ed on straight sex but you better not dare mention LBGTQ+ or it’s forbidden.

    1. The amount of kids I knew growing up who were groomed or “handled” by adults of the opposite sex, or grew up with normalized perversion of their bodies from adults was ridiculously high. I knew girls who were stalked before their 18th birthdays by old men because “they wouldn’t get in trouble for having sex with them then!” and little boys who were called “ladies men” and “ladykillers” for just interacting with other little kids. It’s ridiculous for people to think that the LGBT or the leftists are groomers, when its almost exclusively aggro alt-right nutjobs who are caught red handed doing all the messed up stuff. They’re just using “think of the children” as an excuse to push their hatred and fear. They don’t give a rats ass about any kids well being, the only thing that matters is their rights to take away everyone else’s. The “exterminator” guy in this comment section is a little coward. I bet he’d never say that shit irl because he’d deservedly get decked.

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