Auto Theft Detectives Shoot Critically Injure Stolen Vehicle Suspect


May 1, 2024, 6:29 am

Albuquerque, Sandia Casino –

APD Detectives have shot and critically injured a car thief early this morning. Detectives with the multi-agency task force are currently on the scene of an officer involved shooting early this morning. Chief Medina provided a pre recorded statement early this morning which is provided below:

Chief Medina said detectives with the auto theft unit were watching a suspect in a stolen vehicle and followed him to the area of Sandia casino. At one point shots were fired from within the stolen vehicle and detectives fired back critically injuring the suspect. No officers or detectives were injured in the shooting. Other occupants inside the stolen vehicle were also un-injured.


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7 thoughts on “Auto Theft Detectives Shoot Critically Injure Stolen Vehicle Suspect”
  1. My question, is why on Sandia reservation land without tribal having the lead? Was tribal even notified? I could be wrong, but isn’t that even out of there portal area? The APD department has NO leadership over any department! The mayor is concerned about the adult establishment downtown, that had a tremendous mistake with counterfeit ID. I’ve lived, and related to Albuquerque for over 30 years, that’s first time of having a issue with that establishment ever! Yes, it was very unfortunate to have had the consequences of that mistake. My opinion one of only establishments that’s been or is part of helping downtown! The mayor has ignored the actions of his police chief over, over, over, and over again! Why??? I respect the men in blue absolutely! I’m in recovery from addiction, and mental health diagnosis for over 5 years now. With this recovery over the years of the mayor, and chief being in office, I’ve become scared to call the the APD department in any cause, or issue! As well heard that in the mental health, as well addiction field, and from Peer community SAD! The city, and APD has done nothing under leadership of this chief especially in these two fields especially FAILED! My opinion,If you look at the last few shootings why, are we taking shots in very public locations with chance of injuring, or killing incident bystander? The police chief has put his own leadership to investigate a accident of his causing, and actions to the community. In my opinion total setup went way wrong! This city of Albuquerque, as well the police department leadership has to be changed for improvement of any issues, that we’re experiencing in our city. STOP, worrying, or trying to convince the city of soccer stadium that your community has expressed they don’t want in there community! We have the largest Hot Air balloon event in the WORLD, the mayor either doesn’t like that magnificent privilege that is too his, and our community? Why do you keep adding, and trying to add other attractions to the biggest event in the world? Why not figure how to improve on that it’s proven, and expected by the community? There’s so many other locations to choice from for these events, and you wouldn’t be trying to, sorry but lip stick on a pig you already have control of? It’s already the largest event of it’s kind in the world! Sorry, I’m also large part of the ABF every year! I’ve as well experienced every year the privilege of the hot air balloon community from all over the world, come together in one place! Thank you Albuquerque Raw, I got recently introduced, and really like the content they write, or report on! The majority of the other news here is so biased, they don’t give you the total story.

  2. Amen. My only criticism is they really should’ve killed the little piece of shit. Hopefully he’s beyond saving and UNMH doesn’t waste an inordinate amount of effort to save him.

  3. I agree, too bad they did not plaster his ass in the morgue. Now the piece of shit will probably get free money on disability after he stews in prison.

    1. Like he said, there is a cross jurisdiction cooperative agreement. I mean its not like the Dukes of Hazard where dem Duke boyz crossed the county line and ole Cledus has to turn around, haha. If you commit a crime in one jurisdiction you can be pursed across state lines even. Granted the process gets more complicated.

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