BCSO Arrests Man for Murder of Girlfriend

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Posted On: 10/23/2023 @8:30AM

On Friday, October 20th, 2023, a shocking incident unfolded in the neighborhood of Atrisco Vista NW. Late at night, at around 10:17 PM, Deputies from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call concerning a possible overdose. The caller reported an unidentified man in the middle of the road, seeking help for his girlfriend, who was in a grey sedan parked nearby, unable to breathe.

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Deputies rushed to the scene, where they found a grey Ford Fusion parked on the side of Atrisco Vista NW, with a male desperately trying to perform CPR on a woman inside the vehicle. Despite the immediate efforts of law enforcement and medical personnel, the woman, later identified as Shantel Kenneth, did not survive.

As the investigation unfolded, Julius Irving, Shantel’s boyfriend, shared an account of the events that transpired. Irving claimed that he and Shantel had been drinking and using marijuana in the car when he fell asleep in the driver’s seat. When he woke up, Shantel was missing, and he discovered her lifeless on the ground next to the car.

Medical personnel arrived at the scene, and their findings indicated that Shantel had been deceased for several hours before help arrived. Suspiciously, they also discovered bruises on Shantel’s face and neck, along with petechiae around her eyes and lips, suggesting signs of asphyxia or strangulation. Further investigation revealed blood inside the car and even a clump of long black hair outside, raising more questions.

Irving was interviewed, and he confessed to a heated argument with Shantel that turned physical. The altercation escalated to a point where Irving admitted to choking her, eventually leading to her death. He expressed regret for not releasing his grip sooner, saying he just wanted her to calm down.

Irving was arrested on charges of murder.

For 2023, this was the 122nd homicide for the Albuquerque Metro Area. Homicide 123 was reported on Sunday, October 22nd at Jerry Cline Park.


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