Car Thief Ruins Hard Working Man’s Day by Crashing into Him


February 23, 2024, 9:47 pm

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Posted On: 02/23/2024 @10:50 AM

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A suspect is loaded into an ambulance after he carelessly wrecked into a truck trying to evade police.

Albuquerque – Today at around 10:15 AM, the Albuquerque Police Department was monitoring a stolen vehicle in Albuquerque. APD used assets to safely follow the stolen car to around the south valley area of Albuquerque. According to a witness, near the intersection of Rio Bravo and Isleta an APD officer was attempting to throw spike strips into the roadway on Isleta Blvd to stop the stolen vehicle. The stolen sedan was driving erratically in order to attempt to avoid the spikes strips going northbound Isleta Blvd and in the process he slammed into a large pick up truck that was heading south on Isleta.

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Video from the scene can be found HERE:

APD was able to apprehend the suspect at that time and he was arrested and put in the back of a patrol unit. The suspect complained of injuries from the crash or had a minor case of incarceritis. He also earned stupidity badge today for putting the public in danger. It appeared the driver from the truck was unharmed.

On the side of the road a food truck was happily serving patrons good meals as the police investigated the scene and it became the talk of the gathered pre lunch crowd.

Isleta Boulevard was shut down in both directions for a long time just south of Rio Bravo following this crash .

We will update the story when charges are posted for this individual.



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