FELON AWARDED Pre-Trial RELEASE by Court, CELEBRATES by SMASHING Woman’s Head with Rock


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Albuquerque –

On May 23rd, 2024, a woman was walking downtown near the Prisoner Transport Center when she encountered 40-year-old, David Carrillo of Albuquerque. The prisoner transport center is located across the street from the main law enforcement center. Carrillo had just been released from pre-trial detention when he started rambling in Spanish to the random woman. Carrillo had a rock in his hand and decided to smash it into the back of the poor woman’s head.

A sworn APD Academy instructor, happened to be walking to the 2024 Law Enforcement Memorial which was about to happen, and he observed the senseless beating. The officer was able to immediately detain Carrillo and make an arrest.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim had a cut on the back of her head and possibly could have suffered a severe internal head injury judging by the size of the rock.

It is unclear if the woman was taken to the hospital for medical care. Carrillo had a short transport to the PTC and is now once again booked into MDC. It is unclear if Carrillo will once again be eligible for, and again awarded Pre-Trial release.


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4 thoughts on “FELON AWARDED Pre-Trial RELEASE by Court, CELEBRATES by SMASHING Woman’s Head with Rock”
  1. Weak and pathetic judge. We have a revolving doors for the criminals now days. If I was the victim I would try and hold the judge accountable for my injuries also. What a joke the criminal justice system is.

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