Golden Pride Worker Kills another Worker


January 27, 2024, 5:25 am

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Posted: 01/26/2024 @ 10:15PM

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Albuquerque – APD officials say their homicide detectives arrested Ethan Sheppard and charged him for fatally stabbing his co-worker during a fight at Golden Pride restaurant on Lomas near UNM.



Both Sheppard, 37, and the victim, an adult male, were working today at the Golden Pride, located at 1830 Lomas Blvd., N.E., when the stabbing took place around 1:45 p.m.


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Ethan Sheppard, 37 of Albuquerque

Detectives determined that Sheppard pulled a knife from his pocket and entered a room at the restaurant where the victim was finishing his work. Surveillance video showed Sheppard appear to lunge at the victim and start a confrontation. The restaurant manager heard Sheppard call the victim a snitch before the stabbing.


The manager said he tried to separate Sheppard and the victim and noticed the victim was bleeding from the neck. The victim eventually fell to the floor. Officers and rescue personnel arrived at the restaurant and the victim was transported across the street to UNMH, where he died as a result of his injuries.


Officers located Sheppard in his car across the street from the restaurant. He was detained and later declined to speak to homicide detectives. He was arrested and charged with an open count of murder.


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