Homicide Stabbing Suspect Booked into Jail


April 14, 2022, 6:01 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 04/14/2022 11:05AM

William Nofsinger was booked on a first degree murder of his neighbor.

On 4/13/2022, we reported about a homicide that occurred at 1313 Wellsley Drive SE in Albuquerque. APD homicide detectives investigated the scene and opted to charge William Nofsinger, 60, of Albuquerque, N.M. with first degree murder.

According to the criminal complaint, a maintenance employee at the apartment said Nofsinger showed up and began knocking on the door. Nofsinger wanted to complain about a tenant named Mike Watley. The worker did not want to get involved. At that time he saw Watley walking toward Nofsinger. A verbal altercation occurred and he saw Nofsinger on his back with Watley on top of him. The maintenance worker saw Nofsinger strike Watley in the shoulder area. The witness said he saw Nofsinger get up with a knife in his hand.

Nofsinger was taken into custody immediately after the incident and detectives interviewed him. He stated he feared for his life during the altercation when Watley started punching him in the face near the complex mailboxes. He said he was body slammed by Watley, and felt he needed to overcome the fight by becoming more violent and producing a weapon. He also went on to state Watley was aggressively knocking on his door and wanting to fight him for the last few days.

Detectives determined the stab wounds in the front neck area were deep and not consistent with Nofsinger’s story. It was also noted the victim had at least 15 stab wounds on his body.

Nofsinger was charged with first degree murder and is pending a pre-trial detention hearing. This was the Albuquerque Metro’s 41st homicide of 2022.


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