Husband Arrested After Shooting Wife in Head at Walmart, “That’s What She Gets for Messing Around”


October 22, 2022, 8:11 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

Posted :10/22/2022 @12:45PM

NE Albuquerque –

Albuquerque Police arrested sixty-four year old Maurice Lacey on 10/21/2022 for shooting his wife at the Neighborhood Walmart located at 4700 Cutler Ave. NE. According to the criminal complaint, Lacey walked into the store, then back to the break room where his wife and a co-worker were on break. He retrieved a firearm from his waistband and fired one shot to the back of his wife’s head.

She immediately dropped to the ground and Lacey stood over her and said:

“That’s what she gets for messing around,” and then he asked the co-worker “Is she cheating?” The coworker said she told Lacey “yes” because she feared for her own life if she gave the wrong answer.

Lacey then walked to the front of the store and then announced “I just shot my wife.”


The wife was taken to UNMH with one gunshot wound to the head and was last listed in critical, but stable condition. Lacey was charged with Aggravated Battery Against a Household Member (Great Bodily Harm),Felony Offense Not Identified, Assault With Intent to Commit a Violent Felony.

Lacey has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1994 ranging from drug possession, domestic violence, kidnapping, criminal sexual penetration, and DWIs. Some cases had convictions and others they were dismissed.

If the wife dies the charges will be upgraded to homicide.


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