Man on Parole Kills Man in Albuquerque


March 6, 2022, 6:46 pm

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POSTED 03/06/2022 11:40AM

UPDATED 03/06/2022 7:32PM

Suspect David Padilla accused of gunning down Delvin Rubi.

NE Albuquerque –

Albuquerque Police Officers were called to a house around 11:45 on Saturday night in regards to a shooting at a house at 8009 Krim Ave. The area is near Wyoming and Paseo Del Norte.

David Padilla, 43, was arrested in the murder of Devlin Rubi. APD officers arrived at 8009 Krim Dr. N.E.

According to the criminal complaint, APD dispatch received numerous 911 calls stating there were 14 to 15 gun shots. APD officers arrived on scene and found 23-year-old Devlin Rubi in the drivers seat of a vehicle with gunshot wounds and was declared dead.

The complaint goes on to state David Padilla was dropped off at UNMH with a gunshot wound to the leg. Witnesses at the house said they owner of the house brought Padilla to the house. A witness was afraid that Padilla would hurt her if he found her at the residence. Rubi had a verbal altercation inside the house. He told a witness, “David is trying to get buck with me.”

A volley of gunshots rang outside the residence, an audio video surveillance camera had Padilla saying, “Don’t ever fuck with me!” and proceeds to discharge 13 rounds and yells, “You like that mother fucker!”

The complaint goes on to state Padilla was at the house to spend time with his ex-girlfriend and said Devlin sold “meth” and “blues.” He said he got shot by Rubi in the leg. Rubi dropped his gun and Padilla picked it up and fired 13 rounds into the vehicle. He threw the gun into the vehicle and his ex-girlfriend drove Padilla to the hospital.

At this time of the incident Padilla was on probation for armed robbery, 2 aggravated assaults, burglary of a vehicle, theft of a vehicle, receiving a firearm, and possession of two firearms by a felon.

He violated his parole on February 7th, 2022, with a failed drug test of fentanyl. The probation officer recommended no action and probation continue.

Padilla has a felony record dating back to 2003 with assaults and robberies with deadly weapons.

This is Albuquerque’s 26th homicide of 2022.

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