Man Gets Life in Prison for Killing Beloved Church Security Guard

Albuquerque –

News of the murder of a beloved Calvary Church security team member Daniel Bourne spread quickly throughout social media and on the main Calvary church campus. The main Calvary church is located at 4001 Osuna Rd NE. In 2022, the murder occurred at this Calvary campus location. Full story here:

Albuquerque Police homicide detectives and Calvary Church security personnel were able to meticulously piece together crucial evidence needed to make an arrest today for the homicide of Daniel Bourne.

The suspect, Marc* Ward, was charged with the heinous crime and was convicted in March of 2024. On June 10th, 2024, the sentencing phase happened and Ward was sentenced to life in prison. It truly is not a life sentence but 30 years in prison.

Ward could game the system with good behavior and educational incentives to shave off a decade or two. The judge ordered 5 years of supervised parole when Ward gets out of jail.

Daniel Bourne was a retired Bernalillo County Fire Rescue Battalion Commander, Coast Guard Veteran and a husband and father.

*corrects the spelling of the murderer’s first name.


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