Naked Bumblebee Transformer Statue Climber Charged for Indecent Exposure

Albuquerque –

On May 27th, 2024, the Internet was full of posts of a naked man posing on top of the Bumblebee Transformer statue. The statue is located at corner of Lomas and 4th street in the Sunwest Silver Co. parking lot and replaced the Iron Man statue that got crashed into last year. The Albuquerque Police department received many calls of the man on top of the statue and added that he was completely nude.

When officers arrived they found 47-year-old Hector Melero of California, on top of the statue with a bunny suit around his ankles. It is unclear if, Melero was at a Furry Convention, hired as a bunny performer, or just had a really bad bender that lead him to climb the statue.

APD was able to convince him to safely climb down the statue with the help of a ladder from Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

Melero was charged with indecent exposure and made a viral appearance on all social medias.


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