Pedestrian Killed, Driver Leaves Scene But Returns


February 5, 2023, 2:58 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 02/05/2023 @ 6:30AM

UPDATED: 02/05/2023 @ 4:10PM

Bystanders watch as Albuquerque Police and investigators prepare to investigate the fatal scene on Central and San Mateo Ave.

SE Albuquerque – Around 9:30PM, a vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian near the intersection of Central Ave. and San Mateo Blvd in the eastbound lanes of traffic. According to an APD email, when Albuquerque Police arrived they found a deceased individual in the middle of the street.


Witnesses told us a vehicle struck the pedestrian and took off from the scene. APD’s Motors Unit took over the investigation and both directions of Central Ave from San Mateo to Madiera Ave. were closed while they investigated.

On February 5th, 2023, APD civilian communications specialist Rebecca Atkins sent an email updating the case:

Witnesses stated a male pedestrian was running south across Central Avenue not at a designated crosswalk when he was struck by a silver Chevy truck. The truck was traveling east on Central Avenue when it struck the pedestrian.

The truck drove away at first but returned to the scene. This is an ongoing investigation, and at this time there are no pending charges as the cause of the crash appears to be pedestrian error.

It does not appear that speed or alcohol were contributing factors for the driver of the truck.

From our observations on scene the victim was an adult male and there was debris from his person strewn along the street. It appeared there was also debris from the vehicle that struck him. This was the second vehicle vs. pedestrian incident along Central Ave in the last 2 days.


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