Perfect Weather Kicks off International Balloon Fiesta’s First Day


October 7, 2023, 6:05 pm


POSTED 10/07/2023 @ 11:45AM

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Albuquerque –

The International Balloon Fiesta soared to new heights today as it kicked off its first day with picture-perfect weather conditions that left both spectators and balloonists alike in awe. As the sun broke over the Sandia Mountains, a crisp autumn morning greeted attendees with clear skies, light winds, and a temperature hovering in the ideal range for balloon flight.

Being the hottest ticket in town, thousands upon thousands of eager onlookers gathered at the iconic Balloon Fiesta Park, donned in colorful sweaters and scarves, to witness the mesmerizing spectacle. Balloons from all corners of the globe took to the skies, creating a kaleidoscope of colors against the azure backdrop.

The Balloon Fiesta, one of the largest and most renowned balloon festivals in the world, will continue for the next nine days, promising more awe-inspiring flights and memorable moments, all under the benevolent gaze of the New Mexico sun.


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