Repeat DWI Offender Kills Person in Crash


June 3, 2022, 9:40 pm

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 6/3/2022 at 3:40PM

Booking photo – Matthew Shetima-Joe

Albuquerque –

Around midnight, an APD Lieutenant observed a 2020 Challenger driving at a high rate of speed on Osuna Blvd in NE ABQ. A few seconds later the vehicle was discovered after a vehicle crash at the intersection of Osuna Rd and Wyoming Blvd.

When officers arrived on scene, Matthew Shetima-Joe exited the vehicle and became combative and threw a knife away from the scene. Witnesses said he ran a red stop light at a high rate of speed. According to the criminal complaint, he told an officer “yeah, I’ve been drinking little bit,” and “I am intoxicated.” The posted speed limit on the roadway is 35MPH.

Officers noted that the other vehicle sustained severe damage and it had rolled off the roadway post crash. The driver of that vehicle was declared dead on scene.

In 2019, Shetima-Joe was arrested for DWI, drug possession, negligent use of a deadly weapon, and having an open container in a vehicle. In that case officers located Shetima-Joe after reports of gunshots coming from his vehicle. When they conducted a traffic stop at that time he smelled of alcohol. They found a half bottle of Fireball Whiskey in the car and he admitted to drinking four shots.

That previous case was dismissed by Second Judicial District Attorney Raul Torrez’s office due insufficient evidence after a defense motion for the state’s failure to be ready for trial.

We reached out to DA’s office for comment and have not gotten a response.


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