Stolen Car Causes Lock Downs in NE ABQ, 1 Suspect Arrested


January 9, 2024, 9:17 pm


POSTED: 01/09/2024 @12:00PM

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Albuquerque –

Around 11:15AM, the Albuquerque Police Department found a stolen vehicle in the northeast part of Albuquerque. Witnesses told us they could see police setting up perimeters around the area of San Mateo and Candelaria.

While on scene we observed APD officers looking over a Ford F150 truck with deflated tires. Police were investigating the vehicle near the intersection of Los Arboles Ave and Jefferson St. NE.

For a brief time APS school Bel-Air Elementary was placed on lock down while police investigated the scene and a suspect was on the loose. APD was able to arrest the suspect involved with the stolen vehicle. He was hiding in a shed near the scene on the 2900 block of Adams St, NE. Police escorted him down the street with Albuquerque residents getting a first look at the man who caused stress in their day and neighborhood.

We will update this story when we have offender information and charges.

Footage from the scene can be found HERE:


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