Suspect of Brutal Church Parking Lot Murder is Ordered to be Held till Trial


September 29, 2022, 11:30 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 09/29/2022 @5:15PM

Marc Ward appears on Zoom for his pre-trial detention hearing.

Albuquerque –

On September 23rd, 2022, around 10:00PM Daniel Bourne (61) a Calvary Church security team member noticed a suspicious truck in their far north west parking lot. Bourne sent pictures of the suspicious truck to his team members before he made contact with the occupants.

The vehicle can then be seen on church security footage leaving the parking lot, for some reason the vehicle then turned around and purposely ran over Bourne. Bournes body was then drug to a nearby arroyo and his utility belt with his gun, pepper spray and handcuffs were strewn a mile and half west from the original crime scene.

Marc Ward (35) was arrested for the incident by APD the next day and is in the custody of MDC. On September 29th, 2022, District Court Judge Daniel Murphy presided over a pre-trial hearing to consider if Ward should stay behind bars till his trial.


Deputy District Attorney John Duran laid the foundation for the progression of violence Ward was having over the years. It was learned in the hearing that Ward had various past domestic charges to include a restraining order against him involving his ex wife Tamara Burkett.

During the hearing his ex-wife testified about the physical abuse towards her in the past and brought up his use of steroids. She also stated that Ward attended Calvary Church of Albuquerque’s main campus since he was a young child and continued attending throughout his adulthood. Burkett said they attended Calvary as a family on numerous occasions when they were married.

During the State’s arguments and witness testimony, Ward could be seen shaking his head in disagreement with the allegations of the physical and drug abuses.

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APD CSI investigator collects evidence a half mile away from the the murder site of Daniel Bourne on September 24th, 2022

ADA Duran gave new information alleging that Ward was drinking in the Calvary parking lot just prior to when the murder of Bourne occurred. Ward’s defense attorney Max Pine countered the allegations by saying “Is this mutual confrontation? Is this a provoked defense of oneself? or is this a justified homicide?

“So, what I think, this raises the question is we don’t have a murder in cold blood like the state alleged, but we don’t know what happened. And in fact, unless we’re giving the state the benefit of the doubt here, we’re simply tapering over and plastering beyond any any question of what what happened here,” said Pine.

Ultimately District Court Judge David Murphy ruled Ward would be held behind bars until his trial for the murder of Daniel Bourne.

“I do find that the state has met its burden of clear and convincing evidence, and I point to the following findings. First, there is demonstrably an escalation of conduct with the allegations of violence for this defendant,” said District Court Judge Daniel Murphy. Judge Murphy went on to say Ward poses a danger to both family members and to the public.

Ward’s trial has not been scheduled but more than likely will be held sometime in 2023. We reached out to Calvary of Albuquerque for comment on Ward’s membership with the church and reaction to him being held till trial but have not heard back.


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