Suspicious Death Being Investigated in Field in NE Albuquerque


February 13, 2024, 8:55 pm


POSTED: 2/13/2024 @ 2:00PM

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Albuquerque –

Around 1PM, the Albuquerque Police Department was dispatched to the area near Florence and Louisiana Blvd just north about a suspicious death in a field.

PATREON MEMBERS CAN SEE MORE FOOTAGE FRO THE SCENE: officers arrived they found a dead person in the field and started an investigation. There was also a black sedan parked on the roadway facing north on Louisiana that appeared related.

While on scene we saw APD expanding the crime scene with a CSI detective and they were further investigating the incident.

We will update this story when we have more information.

Footage from the scene can be found HERE:


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