Pedestrian Killed by Train in Albuquerque


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Posted On: 09/20/2023 @9:25PM

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Albuquerque –

Shortly after 9:05 PM, BCSO posted on their Facebook account, informing the public that Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies are currently at the scene of a fatal crash involving a train and a pedestrian at the intersection of Prosperity Ave SW and the railroad tracks.

At this time, all lanes on Prosperity Ave SW and 2nd Street SW have been closed as emergency responders conduct their investigation and attend to the scene. BCSO kindly requests that people steer clear of this area for the time being.

While monitoring the scanner app around 8:55 PM, we heard information being relayed to dispatch indicating that the conductor instructed emergency responders on the scene not to touch anything on the train, this is likely for investigative purposes. Additionally, the conductor reported that there were eleven passengers on the train at the time of the incident. The exact type of train involved remains unknown, however based on the number of passengers on the train, it is highly likely it is a NM Rail Runner train. Further, in looking at the NM Rail Runner schedule, there are is a northbound train out of downtown Albuquerque at 7:50 PM and one at 8:45 PM and there is a southbound train into downtown Albuquerque at 8:18 PM.

We will update you if we learn more information.


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