War Zone District Allsups Store is Temporarily Closed


July 27, 2023, 8:14 pm

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 07/27/2023 @3:00PM

SE Albuquerque

In a surprising turn of events, Allsup’s, the popular convenience store chain that has served as a staple in the community for decades, has announced a temporary closure at it’s Indiana and Zuni Road location. The decision has left loyal customers and residents bewildered and concerned.

Many online groups thought the closure was permanent because of an alleged shooting and rising crime in the area.

ABQ RAW went to the location and observed the gas station pumps were still active but the inside of the store was closed. Signs on the store said “CLOSED FOR SYSTEM UPDATE.

We saw maintenance workers and security wheeling out display vending machines. The inside of the store did not look like it was being liquidated nor preparing for a permanent closure.

We reached out to Allsup’s and they told us “On behalf of Allsup’s I can confirm that this store location is temporarily closed at this time,” said Erin Vadala, President of Warner Communications, a firm that handles Allsup’s marketing and public relations.

The War Zone of Albuquerque will have a short delay before they can once again enjoy Allsup’s Chimichangas, bean burritos, and whatever other fried up choices were available. No time frame was given for when they would re-open.


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