Woman Admits to Stabbing Man “Two to Three Times” Before He Died


April 8, 2023, 11:53 pm

By: ABQ RAW Staff

POSTED: 4/8/2023 @ 6:30PM

Foothills Albuquerque – APD homicide detectives arrested Jennifer Key and charged her with 2nd Degree Murder for the fatal stabbing of a man during a confrontation in her apartment on Friday, April 7th, 2023.

video footage from scene

According to a criminal complaint, Key, 50, was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with two other people at her apartment, located at 4200 Spanish Bit St. N.E, on Friday evening.


Witnesses said Key got into an argument through her apartment window with a man that she knew from a previous relationship, and allegedly, he had attacked her before. The man left but then he returned. The man then opened the unlocked door and entered the apartment.

Key said the man “got in my face,” so she pulled out a folding knife from her back pocket and stabbed the man two or three times to get him to “back up”.

A witness who claimed that he knew both Key and the man said he did not perceive the man to be a threat to Key. The witness said Key could have just walked away from the argument. Key is now charged with second degree murder and will have a pre-trial detention hearing this week. This was the 31st homicide of 2023 for the Albuquerque metro area.


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