Woman Trying to Catch a Flight, Catches Drug Charges at Sunport


August 30, 2023, 5:25 pm

BY: ABQ RAW staff

POSTED: 08/30/2023 @ 11:30AM


On August 29, 2023, at approximately 4:30 AM, a woman was going through Albuquerque Sunport TSA security when TSA agents alerted Albuquerque Police of a possible unruly passenger. This lead to a swift response by security personnel and police.

TSA agents on duty noticed suspicious behavior from the passenger, later identified as Fawn Eagleday, 36, of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fawn attempted to discard a bag containing what appeared to be crystal meth and heroin. Upon receiving the report, law enforcement intervened, detaining Eagleday for further investigation. TSA agents handed over the illicit substances, black tar heroin, and crystal meth, which Eagleday had attempted to discard in a nearby trash can.

The scanning equipment detected anomalies in her right front pocket. Realizing the presence of the illegal items, Eagleday attempted to dispose of them, but was stopped by a TSA agent.

Following her apprehension by police, Eagleday was transported to the aviation substation for questioning.

Authorities read her Miranda rights and she cooperated, admitting her awareness of the substances found in her possession. Eagleday stated that she had been preparing to fly to visit her daughter for her birthday. The early hour of her departure contributed to her oversight of the contraband items in her front pocket.

During a subsequent search of Eagleday’s belongings, law enforcement discovered an additional bag of crystal meth in her green purse. As a result, Eagleday is facing charges of felony possession of controlled substances, including heroin and crystal meth, totaling three counts. It is unclear if Eagleday will be able to get a refund on the flight she missed or if she will make it to the birthday.


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