APD is Appealing to the Public for Help in Locating Murder Suspect Isaich Roger Lujan


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Posted On: 06/30/2023 @ 2:30PM

Albuquerque –

In a tragic incident that occurred on April 15, 2023, the Albuquerque Police Department responded to reports of a dead person in a grey Tahoe in the parking lot of the Comanche Wells Apartments. The deceased individual was later identified as Nathan Barela. Now, the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) is now seeking the public’s assistance in locating the murder suspect, Isaich Roger Lujan, who is believed to be responsible for this heinous crime. APD is urging anyone with information regarding Lujan’s whereabouts to come forward and help bring justice to the victim’s family. APD reports that Lujan is 42 years old.

According to the APD, the murder of Nathan Barela was the result of a dispute involving a woman that Lujan was dating. The incident unfolded in the parking lot at the Comanche Wells Apartments, situated at 3400 Comanche Rd., NE. Tragically, Barela died from a single gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at the scene. When we were on the scene of this homicide, a gray colored Tahoe was backed into a spot on the far northwest corner of the apartment complex property. Blood could be seen on the exterior of the Tahoe and the rear tailgate area appeared to be shot out.

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The Albuquerque Police Department is actively pursuing Lujan, who has been charged with an open count of murder and tampering with evidence. APD is determined to apprehend Lujan and ensure that he faces the consequences of his alleged actions. However, they need the cooperation of the public to achieve this goal.

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APD is urging anyone who may have information about Isaich Roger Lujan’s current whereabouts to come forward immediately. Your assistance could be the key to resolving this case and bringing justice to the victim’s grieving family. If you have seen Lujan or have any details that could aid in his apprehension, it is crucial to contact the Albuquerque Police Department at 505-242-COPS (2677).


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