DA Bregman works with Mexican authorities to address fentanyl, illegal guns & human trafficking

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Posted On: 06/28/2023 @1:55PM

Following a recent two-day trip to Mexico, Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman has returned after engaging in a two-day visit aimed at addressing security concerns. During his visit, Bregman met with officials from the State of Chihuahua to discuss various matters.

One of the key highlights of Bregman’s trip was his meeting with Gilberto Loya Chávez, the Secretary of Public Safety of Chihuahua. Together, they visited the state-of-the-art C7 Facility, which closely resembles Albuquerque’s Real Time Crime Center. The purpose of their visit was to exchange ideas on combating pressing issues such as human trafficking, the fentanyl crisis, and the illicit circulation of weapons between their respective states. During their discussions, Loya informed Bregman that human trafficking has become the primary source of income for cartels, surpassing drug trafficking in recent times.

Bregman and Loya signed Letters of Understanding, formal agreements that the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office and Chihuahua will work together to combat these criminal organizations.

In addition to these engagements, Bregman also met with César Gustavo Jáuregui Moreno, the Attorney General of Chihuahua, during his time in the region. Their discussions revolved around the urgency of reducing human trafficking and the significance of providing addiction treatment to break the cycle of drug abuse and violence.

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DA Bregman and AG César Gustavo Jáuregui Moreno

Bregman also took the opportunity to meet with members of the Superior Court of Justice of Chihuahua. The judicial leaders discussed the recent criminal justice reform implemented in their state, which prioritizes addiction treatment programs and initiatives to prevent violence against women and children.

Reflecting on the successful outcomes of his visit, Bregman expressed his satisfaction with the impactful dialogue that took place and the formal agreements that were reached. Bregman emphasized the pressing need to address the suffering and loss experienced by too many individuals. Bregman views this visit as just the beginning of a collaborative relationship where the criminal justice systems of both regions will work hand-in-hand to create safer communities.

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