ABQ is On Pace for an All Time Murder Rate Record


June 27, 2022, 10:13 pm

By: ABQRAWstaff

Posted: 6/27/2022 at 4:15PM

Albuquerque –

This last weekend Albuquerque had 4 confirmed homicides in the Duke City and a 5th suspicious death which could become a homicide. This puts 2022’s total Homicides at 80. This same time last year, Albuquerque had 67 homicides.

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ABQ RAW has always counted all ABQ Metro homicides, meaning officer involved shootings, and justified homicides are counted toward our total numbers.

Here is the breakdown of homicides so far this year:

Murders: 70

Justified: 4

In custody and/or officer involved shootings: 6 (APD 5 and Bernalillo County Sheriff Office 1)

Agency Homicide investigations:

APD : 69

BCSO: 11

Add all those up and we have:

Total: as of 6/27/2022 there have been ***80 confirmed HOMICIDES in the Metro

Below is a map showing where each and every homicide of 2022 so far has occurred:


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