APD Deputy Commander Involved in Domestic Incident at Rio Rancho Home


July 22, 2022, 10:36 pm

By ABQ RAW Staff

Posted 7/22/2022 at 4:32PM

Updated 7/22/2022 at 5:08PM updates Standard Operating Procedure of Court

Official Department photo of Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock

Rio Rancho, NM –

On June 26th, 2022 around 9:30PM, the Rio Rancho Police Department was called to the home of APD Deputy Commander Kyle and Lindsay Hartsock in reference to a 911 hang up. 911 dispatchers were able to make contact with Kyle Hartsock on the phone. He stated that his wife was drinking, throwing items, hitting him, and he wanted her off the property. There were 7 children on the property when this situation happened. According to a criminal complaint, when officers arrived Kyle stated to officers it would not be safe for her to be around their children. He stated they got into a verbal altercation and Lindsay put hands on him to push him backwards. He went on to tell officers, Lindsay continued to display unsafe behavior in front of the children and he called law enforcement to intervene.

Lindsay Hartsock booking mug from Sandoval County Detention Center.

Lindsay’s statement to police stated that her and Kyle went out to dinner and had discussions about their divorce. She stated there was a long verbal argument and she admitted to raising her hands at Kyle. She also felt as if she wanted to “hit and strangle” him. She never admitted to the actual battery of Kyle. Lindsay was informed that there was Ring camera footage of the battery and she commented to the officer, “I pushed him?” and “I didn’t know I pushed him.”

Patreon Members Can Read the Whole Criminal Complaint Here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/69447374

Lindsay was placed under arrest and charged with battery against a household member. Kyle allowed his mother-in-law to remove the children from the home. Kyle was given a domestic violence packet and how to file a restraining order. At the time of this being published, no court records have been filed for a restraining order. Mrs. Hartsock was booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center and released.

We filed an Open Records Request with the City of Rio Rancho for the police body camera footage from this incident. We were denied and they cited these laws:

Section 14-2-1(H) “As otherwise provided by law” and NMSA § 32A, the Children’s Code the records are excepted from disclosure, therefore your request has been denied.

ABQ RAW’s denial of body camera request from the Hartsock’s domestic incident on June 26th, 2022.

This is the second time a high profile case involving a police officer has had body camera footage blocked by the City of Rio Rancho. The first time was when a Santa Fe Police Officer’s son was shot and killed by a gun inside the officers home. The body camera footage from that case is currently also being held up from release.

Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock is a sworn police officer with the City of Albuquerque and is required to show up for all court proceedings referencing this case. Deputy Commander Hartsock is held to a higher standard as a sworn police officer. Many times we have seen domestic violence cases have the victim not want to prosecute and the case is dismissed.

If Commander Hartsock refuses to show up for court he can face disciplinary actions from the Albuquerque Police Department for violating it’s Standard Operating Procedures. The section is found in SOP 2-76. It can be found here: https://abqraw.com/wp-content/uploads/attachments/2-76-court.pdf

We will fight for the release of the body camera from this case and also follow the case to see if he shows up for court.


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