“I did it.” Chilling Confession Comes from Murder Suspect in Stabbing Death


September 26, 2022, 7:50 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

Posted: 09/26/2022 @1:00PM

Zekial Ibarra

SE Albuquerque – On September 25th, 2022, a stabbing death occurred near the ABQ war zone at 1000 Madeira Dr SE. According to a criminal complaint the incident started with an altercation between two men and one ended up stabbing the other to death. 32 year old, Zekial Ibarra admitted to stabbing the man over what he thought was the other guy being in possession of his stolen bicycle.


A crime scene perimeter was set up and investigators started gathering evidence from the scene. An officer who was holding a scene perimeter post was approached by Ibarra and wanted to let her know he “did it.” He went on to explain that he is sick of people stealing his “shit” and he “lost it” when he saw the male victim with Ibarra’s bike. He went on to tell the officer he was able to match the VIN number on his bicycle to what the dead now male had in his possession.

Witnesses were able to identify Ibarra as the person who stabbed the victim and they thought he was trying to rob the victim. Ibarra took evidence from the scene and put it in his nearby apartment. He also put a backpack and personal items from the victim by a nearby dumpster.

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The victim was identified as Jonathan Wilson, 70 years old, from Albuquerque and he died on scene from the stabbing and from bleeding out. Police and medical personnel tried to save him at the scene but he succumbed to his injuries.

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video footage from scene

Ibarra was charged with tampering with evidence and first degree murder. His past charges include false imprisonment, battery with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, and disorderly conduct.

This was the 133rd homicide of 2022.

Original story: https://www.abqraw.com/post/street-fight-turns-deadly-victim-stabbed-to-death


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