War Zone claims another after Surviving 60 Years in ABQ


July 6, 2023, 2:06 am ,


POSTED ON: 07/05/2023 @8:00PM

SE Albuquerque

Griff’s Hamburgers, a beloved local eatery, has announced its closure after serving the community for over six decades. Griff’s is located in the War Zone of Albuquerque near the intersection of Central and Wyoming in SE Albuquerque.

The spot was a staple for a great hamburger and many of Albuquerque’s population visited the hamburger spot at some point or even often. Griff’s would get rave reviews from many people stopping for a bite to eat.

During COVID-19, Griff’s closed it’s lobby and served drive thru only. When COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, the lobby remained closed and it was used as a storage space for the restaurant.

In a Facebook post, Griff’s announced their closure due to many challenging incidents that make it unsafe and undesirable to continue to operate at this location.

Near the Griff’s location, there have been at least 3 homicides over the last 3 years and countless robberies and shootings. Recently, just outside the restaurant, there was a deadly shootout that resulted in one person being killed and three people being wounded.

As news of the closure spreads, loyal customers mourn the end of an era, bidding farewell to a true culinary gem. It is unclear if the Griff’s franchise offered any severance packages to employees and how many employees are losing their jobs to this closure.


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