VIDEO: Heroic ABQ Good Samaritan Saves APD Officers Life


September 15, 2022, 8:53 pm

By: ABQ RAW staff

Posted: 09/15/2022 @2:30PM

APD officer Mario Verbeck is helped by Good Samaritan, Johnny Garcia on 8/19/2022 after a police shooting that left Verbeck and three officers seriously wounded.

Foothills Albuquerque –

Just a year and a month ago, a violent CA felon tried to kill four APD officers after they tried to apprehend him for a robbery which had occurred earlier that the morning. Through a records request with the city, we were able to get Officer Mario Verbeck’s chilling body camera footage from that day.

The call for service started with Officer Verbeck interviewing the victim of the robbery when all of sudden Verbeck realized the offenders were walking towards them. Officer Verbeck and Officer James Eichel then attempted to contact the robbery suspects near a tire store. The suspects led the officers on a foot pursuit which led to an alleyway behind the tire shop. Immediately a gun battle happened between the Officers and the armed suspect. The suspect James Ramirez immediately wounded Officers Verbeck and Eichel with a volley of gunfire.

Ramirez then ran south to the nearby extremely busy Dutch Brothers parking lot where two other Officers encountered him. Meanwhile Eichel and Verbeck were still alone in the alleyway bleeding heavily. Eichel was able to run to safety after checking on Officer Verbeck and Officer Verbeck had rolled into a bush and was hidden. Albuquerque resident Johnny Garcia heard and observed the chaotic scene from his yard and hopped a wall to begin giving aide without regard for his own safety. See the gripping video on our YouTube channel here:


APD officer Mario Verbeck and Johnny Garcia have formed a life long bond after the incident. If you see Johnny Garcia at a restaurant he deserves his tab to be taken care of.

Since the shooting Officer Verbeck and Johnny Garcia have formed a lifelong bond. Officer Verbeck is still dealing with injuries stemming from the shooting. Sgt. Sean Kenny has since retired from APD, Officer Harry Gunderson and Officer Eichel, are back on duty with APD.

Earlier this year, the suspect James Ramirez committed suicide while in custody at a federal facility. He was being held for charges related to this shooting.


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