APD Arrests Deranged Man Who Shot at Cops


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By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted On: 05/11/2023 @10:43AM

Albuquerque –

On Thursday afternoon, the Albuquerque Police Department released the name of the man who was shot by police on Wednesday in Southeast Albuquerque.

Kevin Trujillo, 33, was injured during an officer-involved shooting on Wednesday, May 11, 2023, in Southeast Albuquerque. According to the criminal complaint, Trujillo told detectives, “the cop shot me in the back,” before his Miranda rights were read and declined to elaborate any further during the interview.

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According to APD, officers responded to a ShotSpotter activation that detected six gunshots in the area of 5401 Eastern Ave. SE at 7:38PM. While at 5401 Eastern Ave. SE, the officers heard additional gunshots, coming from the area of Alvarado Dr. SE and Anderson Dr. SE.

When officers arrived at the intersection of Kathryn Ave SE and Palomas Dr SE, they observed a male, later identified as Kevin Trujillo. An additional call came in stating the male subject, later identified as Trujillo, was responsible for firing the six shots.

Trujillo turned away from the officers, running east along Kathryn Ave SE, while reaching into his waistband. Officers gave Trujillo commands to stop and show his hands. As Trujillo neared a small alleyway near 5700 Kathryn Ave SE and 5704 Kathryn Ave SE, Trujillo turned and produced what appeared to be a handgun.

Trujillo pointed the firearm directly at an officer. The officer discharged their handgun at Trujillo twice, however Trujillo continued to flee. Trujillo then went south into the small alleyway between the buildings of 5700 Kathryn Ave SE and 5704 Kathryn Ave SE.

The officers slowed their approach to the alleyway standing on Kathryn SE, they began to slowly turn the corner to the alleyway. Trujillo, was waiting, in an ambush-style, in the alleyway and immediately fired five rounds at officers. Some of the rounds from Trujillo’s handgun struck just to the north of 944 Palomas Dr SE.

One officer, who was closest to Trujillo, fell back from the alley, out of concern of being shot. Another officer was able to use his position, which was farther back from Trujillo, the officer returned fire three times. Trujillo then fled again, going south through the alley.

The officers involved provided Kevin’s clothing description and last direction of travel and continued to search for Trujillo as additional resources arrived. Tactical units, K9 units and air support arrived on scene as well and began a methodical search of the area.

Approximately 2 hours after Trujillo shot at officers, he was detained. Trujillo was located behind a trailer, next to the four attached units, near the 1030 block of Palomas Dr SE. Trujillo was transported to the hospital to receive care for a gunshot wound to the left shoulder. No officers were injured.

On Thursday, Trujillo was released from the hospital and he was subsequently booked into the Metro Detention Center.


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