APD Finds IEDs in ABQ War Zone House


September 17, 2023, 2:36 am

Posted By: ABQ RAW Staff

Posted On: 09/16/2023 @8:05PM

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© 2023 ABQRAW All Rights Reserved – APD Working a Possible IED Case Near Charleston and Bell

Albuquerque –

At around 3:50 PM, Albuquerque Fire Rescue was called to the 310 block of Charleston St SE. According to the PulsePoint app, AFR was requested to stage at Charleston/Bell, the PulsePoint notes say “possible IED” (improvised explosive device). AFR was asked to stage nearby in case they were needed to assist the Albuquerque Police Department with their call.

Details are very limited regarding what actually occurred, but when we arrived on the scene, APD was wrapping up their investigation and both APD and AFR were clearing out. We overheard that APD found five homemade bomb devices in somebody’s residence.

As of 8:05 PM, it appeared to us that APD and AFR were leaving the scene. Whatever transpired here, both APD and AFR were present for approximately 4 hours and 4 minutes.

It is unknown if anyone was taken into custody.


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