APD Probes Fatal Overnight Shooting in Albuquerque Valley



APD homicide detectives are investigating a deadly, overnight shooting in the 500 block of Bellamah Ave., N.W., between 5th and 6th Streets.

According to APD civilian spokesman Gilbert Gallegos, officers in the Valley Area Command responded to a ShotSpotter activation at 11:31 p.m. Shortly after that, a resident called 911 to report shots fired in the area. Officers located a male victim with a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to the hospital but died as a result of his wounds.

Media was alerted nearly 10 hours after the incident. This prevented ABQ RAW to get video coverage from the scene.

Homicide detectives started an investigation and we will update information if any becomes available.


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6 thoughts on “APD Probes Fatal Overnight Shooting in Albuquerque Valley”
  1. Almost 10 hours later than the press hears about it!? Come on APD get a grip and get it together! What is it they are trying to hide? How they allowed a citizen of ABQ to be shot? APD has some information give. They waited almost 10 hours to alert the press.

    1. Given all the ghetto gangbanger and homeless filth infesting that area, chances are this was just another typical vermin-on-vermin shooting. Nothing anyone of value really needs to know about immediately.

  2. What do you mean by certain types!? If your meaning the type of person who calls out the cops for the bullshit here in ABQ then I guess I’m that certain type. I mean those dwi cops who do we blame for that the public? I mean let’s blame that attorney and the paralegal also. But to say cops are above blame and accountability that’s why things like the dwi thing goes on for decades! Open your eyes not everyone is a piece of shit. Yes they maybe addicts or homeless or mentally ill. That also goes for the cops I freely admit and greatly appreciate those cops who do their jobs above reproach. clearly APD has some major issues. Shit the chief of police doesn’t even follow the rules. The same rules that have led to firings in the rank and file.

    1. I focus on the greater good for the Better many. Certain types are all-too eager to attack APD rather than acknowledge the department’s vital role in protecting Albuquerque’s worthwhile, law-abiding, productive citizens.
      Typically, these are the same lesser, feral specimens that need to be cleansed from this city, anyway.

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