Crime Happens on Good Friday in Albuquerque


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A man is in custody after causing a disturbance at a local coffee shop.

Albuquerque –

For this Good Friday, it was busy for the Albuquerque Police Department who have been responding to numerous calls around the city. We have highlighted a few of the ones we found interesting.

One call happened around 12:30PM, when an adult male fled from officers in the War Zone. A foot chase happened in the area of Zuni and Charleston SE . APD officers secured the area to try to find the male. They were unsuccessful in finding the man.

Then just after 12:45PM, a combative male subject was at Satellite Coffee located at 2300 Central Ave SE. He was causing a disturbance in the area. When officers arrived they took him into custody and a use of force investigation was started by APD. While on scene we observed the male in the back of a patrol unit talking non-sense and making ridiculous demands.

During the Satellite Coffee call there was also an unrelated incident, witnesses said they saw a woman being stabbed by a group of men and then they loaded her into a vehicle. They took off from the scene and APD put out an attempt to locate for the stabbing victim. We have not heard if the woman was found or if the call was exaggerated by callers.


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