Homicide Investigation inside Designated Downtown Federal School Zone


August 29, 2023, 5:15 pm

By: ABQRAW staff

Posted: 08/29/2023 @ 11:15AM

UPDATED: 08/29/2023 @ 11:25AM

Albuquerque –

The Albuquerque Police Department is responding to a shooting at 6th and Lead.

According to a witness, the victim in a rare Mustang GT500 was shot in the head.

We have a reporter en route to the scene and we will update you when we learn more information.


On scene, we observed a silver Mustang and a pile of bloody clothing belonging to a male individual. The scene also seems to be located at the corner of 6th/Lead SW.

APD’s civilian PIO Gilbert Gallegos announced their Homicide Unit was taking over the scene as the victim died from their injuries.

A witness emailed us but wished to remain anonymous. They stated that they were driving behind the two vehicles involved in the incident. Apparently a red sedan fired two shots at the silver Mustang as they drove west on Lead SW at around 2nd St. The two vehicles were also followed by a fully marked newer style blue Police SUV. The police vehicle followed the Mustang until the driver died in front of the Alvarado Apartments at 6th and Lead SW.

See Footage from the scene HERE:


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