BCSO SWAT Team Takes Felons Into Custody After Lengthy Standoff


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South Valley, ABQ –

Bernalillo County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the 1700 block of Valley Rd SW in regard to armed robbery suspects. When they arrived they found the suspects barricaded inside a home on the north side of the street.

Witnesses told us they saw two suspects come out of the home pretty quickly and were taken into custody. A third decided to extend his last hours of freedom by staying inside the home. BCSO deputies made several public address announcements at the home to try and get the man to surrender but they ended up calling their SWAT team to the scene.

The SWAT team showed up and continued on getting the suspect to surrender peacefully. The team eventually used some heavy equipment to make some unscheduled remodeling additions to the home by removing some doors. After making sure the suspect was the only one in the home, the SWAT team used some non-lethal gas to get the man to surrender.

The adult male finally decided to peacefully surrender to BCSO SWAT deputies after having his lungs filled with the gasses.

Thomas McCue Jr., Robert Salinas, Robert Salinas, and Fernando Reyes were charged with two counts of armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony. They are accused of robbing a neighbor and fleeing to a Valley Rd. SW home.


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