BREAKING NEWS: City of Albuquerque CAO Sarita Nair to Leave Post


March 12, 2022, 1:13 am

ABQ RAW staff

POSTED 03/11/2022 6:10PM

Downtown Albuquerque –

City of Albuquerque employees were sent an email late Friday informing them that Chief Administration Officer Sarita Nair is leaving her position later this month.

Mayor Tim Keller appointed Nair to the position in 2017. She followed Keller from the Auditors office where she was the general counsel for Keller.

The email had a prepared statement from Nair:

“I was blessed to lead the City through historic challenges and to be empowered to put the needs of our most vulnerable communiteis at the center of everyhting we do. I have loved my time as CAO, and I am deeply grateful to the amazing team of diverse, smart, dedicated, compassionate people who make City government great,” Nair said in the statement.

As CAO, Nair was the City’s top senior executive manager, overseeing all 19 departments of municipal government and a budget of over $1 billion.


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