City Councilor Intends to Repeal Law Allowing Homeless Tent Encampments


June 22, 2022, 5:42 pm

Albuquerque, NM – Today, City Councilor Brook Bassan announced her intention to repeal the law legalizing sanctioned tent encampments. To do so, she will introduce two separate bills at this Wednesday’s City Council Meeting, R-22-56 and O-22-33.

“The intention of Safe Outdoor Spaces was to remove the current homeless tent encampments from around the city and relocate them away from homes, businesses and public spaces, while simultaneously increasing enforcement of trespassing laws,” said Councilor Bassan, adding that two things have led her to change course, “First, it is clear the administration is unwilling to increase enforcement of trespassing laws even after we enact the new law. Second, the residents of Albuquerque have voiced their opposition to this measure, and I am committed to listening to their concerns and acting on their behalf.”

City Councilor Bassan

Repealing the Sanctioned Encampments law from the City’s zoning codes will require Councilor Bassan to introduce two separate bills. The first bill, R-22-56, places an immediate one-year moratorium on the approval of any “Safe Outdoor Spaces.” The moratorium is necessary to allow for the passage of her second bill, O-22-33, removes all references to Safe Outdoor Spaces from the City’s Integrated Development Ordinance.

R-22-56 and O-22-33 will be formally introduced at tonight’s City Council Meeting and will held over for final action at the August 1, 2022, City Council Meeting.

Councilor Bassan will continue to focus her legislative efforts on reducing crime, increasing the availability of behavioral health services, and expanding access to low-income housing and rental assistance for those at highest risk of experiencing homelessness. She is urging Mayor Tim Keller’s administration to increase enforcement of Albuquerque’s existing laws against trespassing, overnight camping, loitering, and interfering with motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


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