SWAT Situation Locks Down Subdivision in SW ABQ


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By: ABQ RAW Staff

POSTED: 04/15/2023 at 6:45PM

UPDATE: 04/15/2023 at 8:25PM

Southwest Albuquerque-

Around 11AM, Albuquerque Police had a call for service at 447 Bristlebrush St SW. It is unknown what exactly happened, but it lead to a full SWAT call out to the neighborhood.

The subdivision was locked down for a few hours while police negotiated with the suspect inside. Just after 2:30PM, the event was over and the subdivision was opened back up to residents.

We will update the story when more information becomes available.


At about 8:25AM, the Albuquerque Police Department was called in reference to a breaking and entering call at 447 Bristlebrush St SW. The caller, who is also the homeowner, reported that he noticed the backdoor of his residence was forced open. After the homeowner explored his property further, he noticed that the bedroom belonging to his son, Jose Soto, was barricaded from the inside and it could not be opened.

The homeowner reported that his son, Jose, was served with a restraining order the day prior. An Officer on scene contacted an individual in APD’s Warrants and the Officer learned that that the residence, 447 Bristlebrush St SW, is covered in the restraining order and Jose should not be present there.

Jose Soto

When Officers arrived at the residence, they noticed that someone had forced entry through the backdoor. Officers went to an upstairs bedroom where they made contact with Jose verbally through the barricaded door. According to Officers, Jose was unwilling to exit the bedroom and he became verbally resistant to the Officers on scene.

APD Officers then interviewed the homeowner, who was also the individual that filed the restraining order against Jose. The homeowner reported to Officers that the night before, at about midnight, the homeowner witnessed his son, Jose, forcefully gain entry to the home through the backdoor. The homeowner reported to police that he barricaded himself in his own bedroom and fell sleep. The homeowner also reportedly has medical issues. The homeowner believed if he called police that night, they may night arrive in time to arrest his son. The homeowner awoke in the morning and assumed his son, Jose, had left. The homeowner noticed that Jose’s bedroom door was still barricaded from the inside, so he called 911.

A SWAT situation ensued and ultimately, Jose was arrested and booked without injury to anyone. Jose was booked into MDC at 7:10PM and he was placed on a no bond hold.


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